Public Private Partnership

The State Government of Victoria entered a Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract with Learning Communities Victoria (LCV) to finance, design, construct and maintain 15 schools in Victoria’s key growth areas. Harvest Home Primary School is proud to be one of these PPP schools that supports the families of the Epping North and Wollert growth corridor.


Like other PPP schools, Harvest Home Primary opened in 2017 with a focus on exemplary educational design, the development of innovative community hubs, and the support of inclusive education for all.


Harvest Home Primary School represents the most recent advancements in ‘21st Century Learning Design’. PPP schools have been designed around four key Education Principles which capture the Department of Education and Training’s vision and values. Learners and learning are central to the principles of our modern educational design.



As a PPP school, the school facilities will be maintained at a ‘as new’ standard for the life of the 25-year contract with the consortium of private partners. This ‘whole of life’ asset management approach enables the school leaders to focus on the student’s learning and wellbeing outcomes, rather than the logistics of maintenance and cleaning.

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