Education State

The Education state is the Victorian Government’s reform agenda to deliver on its promise of providing excellence and equity in education, from childhood, through school and further education. Harvest Home Primary school is committed to promoting and developing ‘system excellence’ in the Whittlesea Schools Network of North Eastern Melbourne Area (NEMA) in the North-West Victoria Region (NWVR).


As a government school, we are dedicated to working collectively across our education system and towards achieving the ‘Education State Targets’.


These system targets aim to improve student outcomes for all students in every school, which include the focus areas of;

  • Learning for Life: More students achieving excellence in Reading, Maths, Science, Critical and Creative Thinking and the Arts.
  • Happy, Healthy and Resilient Kids: Building the resilience of our children and encouraging them to be more physically active.
  • Breaking the Link: Ensuring more students stay in school and breaking the link between disadvantage and outcomes for students.
  • Pride and Confidence in our Schools: Making sure every community has access to excellence, in every government school and classroom.


More information on these targets can be accessed at:



Framework for Improving Student Outcomes


Outlined below is the revised Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO 2.0) which is the continuous improvement framework for all Victorian government schools.


The FISO 2.0 has been redesigned to place learning and wellbeing at the centre of school improvement and is a direct response to the findings of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System and advice from the profession.


The FISO 2.0 has been simplified and streamlined to enable schools to focus on what matters most to improve every student’s learning and wellbeing outcomes.


The FISO 2.0 comprises of:

  1. the 2 outcomes of learning and wellbeing
  2. the 5 core elements of leadership, teaching and learning, assessment, engagement, and support and resources.
  3. the 10 dimensions that underpin the elements and, indicate priority areas of practice to improve students’ learning and wellbeing.

The FISO 2.0 builds on the evidence base and in-depth research that underpins the original FISO, but with an enhanced focus on wellbeing.

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