Professional Learning Communities

Harvest Home Primary school is built around a Professional Learning Community (PLC) structure where all educators have a shared responsibility to collectively work in teams to support the learning of all students.


Our teachers work together in our Learning Communities to create flexible teaching options within our adaptable learning spaces to maximize student learning outcomes.


Through building and achieving PLC excellence, we aim to increase student learning by creating and supporting a rich culture that is:

  • Relentlessly focused on student learning outcomes at all times
  • Driven by continuous improvement through linking the learning needs of students with the professional learning and practice of teachers
  • Underpinned by an inquiry-based improvement cycle
  • Data and evidence driven
  • Fuelled by the collective expertise of our staff

In 2022, Harvest Home Primary School became a PLC ‘link’ school.


PLC Link schools share best practice across the system and spread PLC excellence. Link Schools are a rich source of practical knowledge around the implementation of PLCs. As a Link School, we provide peer-to-peer support system-wide and often have observations taking place from other schools.


Through the implementation of PLCs, Harvest Home has impacted student learning growth and teacher practice change by embedding evidence-based PLC practices within their contexts. We endeavour to spread excellence by actively supporting other schools at different stages of their developmental journey through partnering, modelling, demonstrating and practice sharing.

We are committed to learning together in our Learning Communities, which have multiple teacher’s demonstrating a collective efficacy for all the students they are working with. This allows our students and their families to develop relationships with several different educators, who all are working together to co-create and plan targeted teaching and learning programs.

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