Message from the Principal

Harvest Home Primary School is a Public Private Partnership school that opened its doors to students in February 2017. We believe in establishing and sustaining a high performing school community that embraces innovation, inclusion, collaboration and respect, with students at the centre of every decision. 


The School is forward thinking in its philosophy of learning, purposely selecting the right staff and creatively utilising flexible, modern learning environments to ensure learning is personalised, engaging and progressive. Harvest Home Primary School is committed to delivering on its core business of ‘learning.’ It is an enviroment that is committed to building the necessary knowledge and competencies for students to thrive and succeed in learning and life.


Together, we will continue to create rich learning environments that foster collaborative learning opportunities that empower students as learners. We optimise a teaching pedagogy, supporting shared responsibility, ensuring personalised learning for all students. With a direct focus on ‘how’ students learn, we will continue to provide the most effective platforms for the young people growing up in this exciting yet continuously shifting context.


We are deeply committed to ensuring that Harvest Home Primary School is a school that is passionate about learning, focuses on continuous improvement 'kaizen' and supports the wellbeing and engagement of every student.


Harvest Home Primary School students will develop their legacy as the next generation of learners, thinkers, and innovators.


I look forward to working with you as Harvest Home Primary School continues to evolve as a dynamic learning establishment.



Andrew Bouzikas