In 2023, the specialist subject of Mindfulness was introduced to the Specialist Program at Harvest Home Primary School.


Our Mindfulness subject has been introduced with a focus on enabling our students to develop their understanding and use of resources that will assist them to be more self-aware, be able to enlist self-regulation tools and strategies, as well as to build their understanding of acceptance and resilience.  The subject looks at how emotional responses can impact the ability to function in daily activities.  Students learn about how different types of feelings, emotions and responses can impact on self and those around them.


Our older students are even more empower as they go deeper into the exploration of how emotional reactions can influence others through developing an understanding of how the three parts of the brain (Amygdala, Hippocampus, and Prefrontal Cortex) are linked with the ability to self-regulate and respond appropriately.


The Mindfulness subject is underpinned by the Health component of the Victorian Curriculum’s Health and Physical Education learning area. The subject has a significant emphasis on personal, social and community health with the key areas addressing being healthy and safe, communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing, and contributing to healthy communities.


Mindfulness complements the schools’ Positive Climate structures as students gain a very detailed understanding of self and regulation. This assists students to more effectively select and utilise strategies from their own ‘toolbox’ to help them to return to feeling calmer and more balanced. Students can therefore re-engage with the people around them and/or activities to be undertaken in a more successful manner.



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