Visual Arts

At Harvest Home Primary our Visual Arts program is designed to nurture our students’ innate creative curiosities, whilst simultaneously building their artistic knowledge and practical capabilities.


In the junior years, our students are introduced to Visual Arts through a Process Art approach. This approach prioritises and celebrates the discoveries and connections that students make throughout the art making process, rather than focusing on the aesthetics of a final product. During these sessions our students build artistic knowledge and confidence through a variety of open-ended art opportunities. These sensory rich experiences are designed to encourage our students to play, explore, discover, imagine, and create.


In the senior years our students build their technical and theoretical art skills through five key art forms: sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, and mixed media. During this time, artistic knowledge, understanding, and technical skills are intrinsically linked throughout each unit of work. This allows our students to make, view, analyse, enjoy, and respond to artworks with greater command of the genre of study.


Across all year levels Visual Art is underpinned by the Victorian Curriculum where students explore the core focus areas of ‘Explore and Express Ideas’, ‘Visual Arts Practices’, ‘Present and Perform’ and ‘Respond and Interpret’. This also integrates two interrelated artistic principles, where students can learn as an artist and a viewer, and where students can learn through making and responding.


Students are also invited to attend the Art Club which is also part of our lunchtime engagement program throughout the year. These sessions, along with our timetabled Visual Arts lessons are conducted in our Visual Arts / STEAM centre.







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