At Harvest Home Primary School, we teach the language of Spanish. Learning languages broadens students’ horizons about the personal, social, and cultural opportunities that are available in an increasingly interconnected world.


Our Spanish program is participated in by students from Prep to Year 6 as part of our school specialist subjects.


Our program aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that students can:

  • communicate in the Spanish language.
  • understand the relationship between the Spanish language, culture, and learning.
  • develop an awareness of intercultural capabilities and Spanish customs.
  • understand themselves as Spanish communicators.

At all times, our students are encouraged to use Spanish as much as possible to connect to their learning. This includes social interactions, structured learning tasks, and language experimentation and practice.


We are deliberate in engaging our student in authentic opportunities to allow our community to experience students speaking Spanish. This is demonstrated at our whole school ‘Together on Fridays’ (assembly) which is often conducted in both Spanish and English.


We embrace and celebrate Spanish through a variety of school events. Examples of these include Spanish incursion and excursions, cultural experiences such as a Whole School Fiesta, and dress up days where the colours of the flags of all Spanish speaking countries were worn by students.  


Students are also invited to attend a Spanish Club is also part of our lunchtime engagement program throughout the year.












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