Science enables the students at Harvest Home Primary School to form an understanding of the knowledge and skills through that enable them to develop a more scientific view of the world.


The Victorian Science curriculum has two interrelated strands, which are ‘Science Understanding’ and ‘Science Inquiry Skills’. These strands complement each other to support students to gain a deeper level of understanding and appreciation of how scientific ideas and concepts impact us in our everyday lives.


Our Science program is structured around four areas, which are:  

  • Biological sciences
  • Earth and space sciences                              
  • Chemical sciences
  • Physical sciences


The Science teaching and learning program has been designed with experimental thinking and the use of technologies to enhance the students to be analytical thinkers and develop ‘persistent curiosity’.


As we value collaboration and working together, our students typically working in teams and cooperate to conduct investigations and make observations as a key part of lessons.


Targeted questioning and thinking prompts are also used to elevate the prior knowledge of students so it can be ‘unpacked’, ‘explored’, ‘refined’ and built upon within the specific scientific concepts being taught.


Lessons are held in one of our school’s STEAM centers, which are purposefully designed for students to be amazing ‘mini scientists’.








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