School Zones

Finding your Local Government School (School Zone)


To see if you are in the Harvest Home Primary School Zone, please follow the following steps:

  1. Enter into your browser
  2. Enter your address under ‘Enter your address to get started’
  3. Select the school year you are looking to enrol your child in under ‘Enrolment year’
  4. Select ‘Primary’ under ‘School type’
  5. The map will then show your address, your local school, and on the left the contact details for the school
  6. If you scroll down, it will also show you the five closest schools.

The Find my School website is the official and most up to date source of school zone maps in Victoria.


Please see the map of our 2024 zone:



Right To Enrol


Your child has a right to enrol at their zoned / local school. This right is set out in the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. This means, if your child lives within the school zone, they must be offered a place when seeking enrolment.



School zone changes


The Find my School website shows zones for the current and following school years.


Each year, a small number of school zones may change. Changes may be due to the opening of new schools, changing provision at existing schools (e.g. relocating a campus or changing year levels offered), improving school accessibility, or managing enrolment demand.


Always use the Find my School website to check school zones. The Department of Education does not endorse advice from real estate agents or other websites.



Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


For answers to frequently asked questions about school zones and enrolment at Victorian government schools, including specialist schools, refer to the enrolment frequently asked questions:

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