What is Reporting?


Reporting is the process of communicating information about student achievement and progress at a point in time. 



Purpose of Reporting


At HHPS the purpose of Reports is to communicate up to date information about a student’s progress in an ongoing nature. It is a partnership between school and home with the student at the centre.


Reporting at Harvest Home Primary School


At our school reporting of all student’s goals and achievements is completed in two ways; 

  • Progressive Reports
  • Academic Reports 



Progressive Reports


The school is committed to the provision of the most accurate and up to date way of reporting throughout the year and it is felt that our ‘live’ and continuous approach best meets the needs of the school community.  Progressive Reports are continually updated as the student achieve their learning goals. Compass notifications are sent to families as a reminder to check their child/ren’s progressive report throughout each Term at regular intervals.



Academic Reports 


As per Department of Education requirements, we are required to report against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 achievement standards, which includes towards Foundation Levels A-D and the English as an Additional Language curriculum.


Our Academic Reports are reported directly against the achievement standards of the Victorian Curriculum. We report against learning area and/or capability taught, consistent with the teaching and learning program that we have designed for the associated reporting cycle.


Academic Reports contain the following information:

  • Report overview statement
  • Class attendance for the reporting cycle (Semester-based)
  • Victorian Curriculum Scores
  • Learning Area Comment (Prep students only)
  • Attitudes and Behaviour Assessment
  • Specialist Victorian Curriculum Scores

Both Progressive and Academic Reports are completed on the COMPASS software platform.



Keeping Families Informed 


Families are invited to the school on two’ formal’ occasions to discuss their child for the purpose of improving their connectedness to school and therefore their achievement outcomes. Both days function on an alternative time. Students are also expected to attend with their families. These are Meet the Teacher and Parent Teacher Interviews.


(Please note: Families are also encouraged to make contact/appointments with Teachers as required throughout the year if the need arises. It is important that these are planned and not just ‘impromptu drop ins’)



Meet the Teacher


Meet the Teacher is an opportunity for families to meet their teacher and for teachers to meet families and find out a little more about their children. Appointments are made via Compass and are 10 -15 minutes in duration. These are held early in Term 1.



Parent Teacher Interviews


Parent Teacher Interviews are a discussion related to academic progress in relation to Literacy, Numeracy and/or performance in their Specialist subjects. Appointments are made via Compass and are 10 minutes in duration. Families can make multiple appointments and see all their child’s teachers if they wish to. (This P/T format will be reviewed each year) These are held in Term 3. 






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