Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies enables students to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions through the application of information systems and specific ways of thinking about problem solving.


Through gaining a deeper understanding and knowledge of digital systems, data, and information with creating digital solutions, students can take up an active role in meeting current and future needs.


Students are encouraged to be discerning when making decisions online by considering different ways of managing the interactions between digital systems, people, data, and processes, as well as weighing up the benefits and potential risks whilst being online, using devices or interacting digitally.


We aim for our students to move beyond seeing technology as simply a tool for word processing, gathering information or games. Whilst the development of technical computing skills and competencies is important, it is not enough. With this in mind, we want our students to use a wide range of technologies to create new skills and knowledge to expand their capacity and productivity.

Harvest Home Primary School is committed to the safe use of technologies to support learning.   This sustained whole school approach is aimed at developing the innovative use of devices within a framework of the latest global research relating to the safe and effective teaching and learning.



Our school has a strong partnership with Inform & Empower. This is a dedicated organisation that supports students, teachers, and families to understand how to raise children in this digital world. Inform and Empower is a trusted e-Safety provider.


Each term all students attend online and live incursions to support their digital safety and personal wellbeing that explain a range of topics that are essential to device use and being safe and respectful whilst using devices, and particularly when they are online.


We also conduct family information evenings as well as share resources to support families as they also navigate the complexities of technology and device usage in their homes.


If you would like to find out more about Inform and Empower, please check out their website at


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