Mathematics in the Victorian Curriculum is organised around the interaction of three content strands and four proficiency strands.

The content strands describe what is to be taught and learnt. They are:
• Number and Algebra
• Measurement and Geometry
• Statistics and Probability

The proficiency strands describe how content is explored and developed and are embedded into the content descriptions. They are:
• Understanding
• Fluency
• Problem solving
• Reasoning

At Harvest Home Primary School, we value Mathematical thinkers and strive to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through challenging student’s thinking. Students develop the knowledge and skills to be able to choose, use and apply mathematics confidently in a wide range of real life situations. Staff use the Victorian Curriculum to plan engaging, hands on and differentiated programs to cater for student’s individual needs.

The Numeracy Curriculum at Harvest Home Primary School aims to ensure that students:

• Are given the opportunity to think ‘hard’ and explore new concepts before the teacher gives the formal explanations
• Explore and extend skills through challenging tasks
• Misconceptions are addressed through the use of confronting, leading and generalising questions
• Build new connections in the brain to support retaining maths concepts
• Have explicit teaching of skills and concepts in whole class and small focus groups
• Explore, question and understand concepts rather than solely rote learning
• Use concrete materials to explore concepts. Students become less reliant on concrete materials when their understanding is consolidated
• Have an awareness of a reasonable answer through estimating
• Have a consistent understanding of mathematical language
• Value the power of reasoning through showing or explaining how an answer has been resolved
• Are immersed in a healthy Numeracy culture that supports a growth mindset.