Challenge Based Learning
We are surrounded by Challenges: large, small, local, global, short and long term. Some we choose, some choose us; some we look forward to, some we dread; some we address, some we try to ignore. Ultimately, how we individually and communally respond to Challenges will determine our future. The hectic pace of school, work, family and community life rarely provides time to consider different perspectives and craft thoughtful solutions. When and where do we learn how to address challenges and create sustainable solutions? Without an effective, easy and efficient framework to think deeply, we repeat mistakes and overlook innovative ideas. As problems become increasingly complex and pressing, the need to develop a generation of engaged Learners equipped to identify Challenges and develop innovative and sustainable solutions is crucial.

Challenge Based Learning is an effective learning framework initiated at Apple, Inc. and used in universities, schools, and institutions around the world. The framework empowers Learners (students, teachers, administrators and community members) to address local and global Challenges while acquiring content knowledge in math, science, social studies, language arts, medicine, technology, engineering, computer science and the arts. Through Challenge Based Learning, students and teachers are making a difference and proving that learning can be deep, engaging, meaningful, and purposeful.

Take action. Make a difference.

Framework The Challenge Based Learning Framework divides into three interconnected phases: Engage, Investigate, and Act. Each phase includes activities that prepare the Learners to move to the next stage. Supporting the entire process is an ongoing process of documenting, reflecting and sharing.