Technical Assistance
Our Specialist Technician will be available to assist our school community during remote learning. Please contact your child’s home group teacher who can liaise with our technician for any technical support.
Our technician is available 8:30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

FAQ: I’m Having Trouble

My username or password isn’t working
• Usernames are not case sensitive, but make sure you don’t confuse letters and numbers. Most student usernames will be a series of letters followed by a series of numbers before.
• However, passwords ARE case sensitive. They must be typed correctly.
• If you are sure there are no typo’s in your account name, please send an email to your child’s home group teacher.

Google classroom has no classes in it
• Commonly occurs if you are signed in to the wrong google account.
• If using MacOS or Windows the top right corner will show the account currently logged in. Click or hover your mouse for details. You many need to “Sign out” or “Add another account”.