Online Subscription Program
During Phase One, all students at Harvest Home Primary will have the opportunity to learn via our online programs, such as, Mathletics, Spellodrome, Reading Eggs and Wushka. Educators have set online tasks for your child based on their needs for Literacy and Numeracy. These activities can be located and timetabled in our Learning Matrices, under the ‘Online/ Offline’ section.
Please find below support relating to these program and assistance to signing into these applications.

Introduction- How To Sign In Guides


Click here for Mathletics Family Guide

Click here for Spellodrome Family Guide

Click here for Reading Eggs Family Guide

Click here for Wushka Family Guide

As some children my need some support to read independently, we are encouraging any family member to read with your child.

We also want you to use the ‘read aloud’ feature of our online subscriptions where stories and questions can be read to your child through the application. See the Parent Guide showing how to do this on each online application.

Additionally, when a child is being read to, listening, or reading along with a text, this counts as an ‘experience’ book for the Premier’s Reading Challenge for Prep to Year 2.