Offline Options / Learning Program
Offline options for curriculum delivery during this time will be offered to all families at Harvest Home Primary School. Our Learning Communities will send out a ‘Community Matrix’ each week via Compass which contains both online (connectivity required) and offline (does not require connectivity) options.

These ‘Community Matrices’ have been created by Harvest Home Primary School teachers and include activities aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10. Within the matrices, all curriculum areas taught at HHPS will be listed, including our Specialist Learning Areas.

This will therefore continue to provide a strong focus on the educational outcomes of the ‘whole child’ for our students and their families.

Learning Community Matrices are available via Compass

►Community matrices are a collection of tasks that cover all of the learning areas that are offered at HHPS
►We encourage students to activity engage and participate in a minimum of 3 of these tasks per day.
►Depending on your own family situation, your child may choose to do additional tasks each day as they wish
►We want to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be successful and enjoy a variety of engaging tasks
►Each Community matrix in Phase One provides both ‘online’ and ‘offline’ versions
⮚Online tasks need to be completed with a device or being online (requires connectivity)
⮚Offline tasks can be completed offline (without the use of a device or connectivity)