Remote & Flexible Learning

Frequently Asked Questions
UPDATED for Term 3, 2020

When will Term 3 remote learning end?
There is no timeline with regards to when remote learning will end. Harvest Home Primary School will be guided by the Department of Education along with the Health Department as to when we can return to ‘face to face’ teaching.

How can I contact the teacher or the school?
All communication during the period of remote learning will occur via Compass. Families are able to contact any of their Community or Specialist teachers during this time. General queries to the school can be sent via the school website page at:

What does a typical day of remote learning look like?
Harvest Home Primary School has done our best to design a remote learning implementation to meet the specific needs and context of our school community.

The Department of Education has also provided the following advice with regards to teaching and learning:
Prep – Year 2: The focus of the program is on literacy, numeracy, play-based learning and physical activity. In the first stages of these programs, the aim should be to provide literacy activities that take a total of about 45-60 minutes, with 30-45 minutes allocated to each of numeracy, play-based learning and physical activity.
• Daily literacy program: activities focused on reading, writing, speaking and listening. This can include, for example, spoken book recordings.
• Daily numeracy program should include basic counting and measuring activities that can be conducted using everyday materials.
• Daily play-based learning activities. These include free drawing and painting, coloring, folding, collecting, grouping and making and listening to sounds, including, where possible, music.
• Daily physical activities that can be completed indoors, for example, simple exercises and dance movements.

Years 3-6: For students in these primary years, the program is to focus on literacy and numeracy with a broadening of learning to include the key learning areas and capabilities. In the early stages of these programs, the aim should be to provide daily activities that focus on:
• Literacy for a total of 45-60 minutes
• Numeracy for 30-45 minutes
• Physical activities for 30 minutes

The aim should be to provide these learning activities for about 90 minutes each day. Recess and lunch breaks should also be planned for. ‘Technology-free’ or being ‘offline’ time is also encouraged on a daily basis.

Are there any resources available from the school to support learning?
Harvest Home Primary School is committed to every student having the opportunity to be able to learn during this time. Families / students have been contacted to collect their resource packs from the school. This was done in the last week of the extended school holidays.
Each resource pack that you have collected today contains stationery, workbooks and school texts/reading books that are specific to your child/rens’ learning needs. The stationery and workbooks are an allocation from your child’s 2020 book pack/s.

Please note: The texts / reading books remain the property of Harvest Home Primary School. They have been provided to support learning whilst at home. All texts / reading books will need to be returned to school at the end of Remote and Flexible Learning.

Please contact your child’s’ home group teacher if you have still not collected these.

What do I do if we don’t have a device to use?
Every child is entitled to get a department device (which is either a IPad or a Laptop/Desktop. The school has contacted all of the families that indicted that they needed a device. If you still require a device, please email the school via the school website page.

What do I do if we do not have any connection to the internet at home?
Every child is entitled to be connected.The school has contacted all of the families that indicted that they needed a ‘dongle’ for connection. If you still require a connectivity please email the school via the school website page. In the short term, some families may be able to ‘hot spot’ off your mobile phone device.

What should I do if myself or my child is not coping or feeling anxious?
We have provided a list of both school and community contacts that you are able to contact if you feel that any member of your family is in need of support. Please do not hesitate to contact the school leadership team if you require further information with regards to any of these service providers.

What about if my child or a member of my family is unwell and not able to complete or support the work getting done?
If you or your child is not well and therefore your child/ren will not be able to complete any work for the day, please make contact with their home group teacher/s to make them aware of your situation.

What about Reporting?
As a school we are looking at what options will be suitable to ensure that our families are kept up to date with each child’s learning, engagement and well-being outcomes. As more information becomes available, and as we learn more throughout Term 3, we then will be able to make the best decision in the interests of our students, families and the school community. At the start of Term 3, ‘Progressive Reporting’ will not be active. Please continue to check Compass for any reporting updates.

Who is going to be looking at and checking my child/ren’s work?
Through out the implementation of Term 3 remote and flexible learning, the students will be in learning in home groups. Their home group teachers will provide feedback on a number of tasks through out the week which will allow students and families to monitor their progress. The way that teachers construct the feedback will be age appropriate and based on the individual needs of each student.

Can I use another platform or another device?
Compass is the only platform that can be used for communication from families to staff. Students will be able to keep in contact with their teachers through Google Classroom and other Google Education Suite applications. In Years 3 – 6, in line with our BYOD policy the preferred device is their iPad, however in Prep to Year 2, any device that can connect to the internet should be able to support the web pages and applications required, such as our online subscriptions.