Flexible/ Remote Learning at Harvest Home Primary School
Compass will continue to be the platform for all general communications with families and carers. If you would like to contact a teacher directly, please use the email button on your Compass class page.

Phases of Remote Learning
Phase One will include:

• Ensuring all students are set up to access communication about learning, and are aware of the school expectations
• Being provided with a ‘Community Matrix’ for each week. ‘Online’ and ‘offline’ versions will be provided to students (and families). This will be based on a weekly timetable of learning areas e.g. Reading, Writing, Art, etc.
• A designated time, from 8.50 am to 11.30am in which teacher/s and education support staff will be available for contact via email to respond to questions related to the learning on each particular day.
• Information about active participation in the 2020 Premier’s Reading Challenge.
• An additional list of optional learning tasks/websites

If required, Phase Two would be implemented over several weeks, as indicated in the timeline below. It will include the use of Google Classroom, as well as instructional clips / video lessons from teachers to the whole class. Learning tasks will be able to completed, submitted and checked.

If required, Phase Three would also be implemented in a similar manner to Phase 2. It will continue the use of Google Classroom. Students will be able to share and submit learning tasks for teachers to provide more detailed feedback relating the specific learning intentions and/or outcomes.

Online Accounts During Phases (One- Three)
What/ Where are my details for my online subscriptions and Google account?
Each individual student at Harvest Home Primary School has a unique Google account for the Department of Education Victoria. Your teacher will share this Google account with you via email or Compass before Phase Two. All students will receive Google Account credentials in preparation, if Phase Two is required.

The account consists of a username and a password.
For example :
Username: __@schools.vic.edu.au
Password: __

On the document communicated to our families pictured below, all students’ online accounts and passwords can be found (including Mathletics, Spellodrome, Reading Eggs and Wushka), if purchased by families via the school book pack. Please contact your child’s homegroup teacher directly by using the email button on your Compass class page if you have any question regarding online accounts during remote learning.

Remote Learning On-Site Attendance Process
If you seek on-site supervision for Week 1 (Wednesday 15th- Friday 17th April) then you must complete the DET Onsite Attendance Form and email this form by the evening of Monday, 13th April, to harvest.home.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au
This form must be completed. This information allows the school to plan for staff supervision if and as required. Each DET Onsite Attendance Form will be reviewed and confirmation of the request will be made via phone call on Tuesday, 14th April, for the first week of term. Children cannot be dropped off at school without the DET Onsite Attendance Form being completed and confirmed. This attendance form will be required to be completed on a weekly basis.

Please click here to download the DET Onsite Attendance Form