Information for Enrolled 2023 Prep Families
Information packs will be sent to our 2023 Prep enrolled families later in the year (once enrollment is confirmed).

The information in this pack has been provided to support a greater level of understanding of our school, associated expectations and processes.

When the packs arrive, please take the time to read through the documents provided as this covers all essential information for a successful transition to our school.

In this pack, you will find;

  • Harvest home Primary School Prep Handbook
  • Prep Important Dates
  • Harvest Home Primary School ‘Whole School’ Handbook
  • Parent/family Compass login details
  • PSW Uniform Information and Pricelist
  • Student Book Pack (includes community materials & online subscriptions)
  • Canteen ‘Qkr’ App information
  • YMCA (before & after school) Care program
  • Immunisation reminder notice (only if applicable)
  • Guide to Use Immersive Reader on Websites to Translate Information (supporting EAL)

More Questions

If you do have any questions regarding the transition process at HHPS, then you are more than welcome to:

  1. Visit our school website contact us page OR
  2. Email