Student Reflection: Dream & Lead Conference

Read reflections from some of our leaders about their Dream & Lead Excursion on Tuesday, March 12th

On the 12th of March all of the year 6 leaders went on the Dream and Lead Conference Excursion in the city.

‘I really enjoyed the day, it consisted of 3 parts. When we first got there, there were little activity books, and we were able to do activities and record our thinking in that book throughout the day.’ – Indie

‘We heard many inspiring people and learnt many new techniques that will help us become better leaders. It was a great experience, and everyone enjoyed it and had fun.’ – Jasmine

‘My one takeaway from the excursion was from the last presenter Skye Hughes, she talked about resilience and that it’s not about bouncing back, but about bouncing forwards. – Romy

‘My one takeaway was about being resilient as this is a quality that will help you as a leader’– Aadit

‘ I liked hearing the presenters talk about their own journeys, it allowed me to see how far they have come, which is inspiring to me as a Year 6 leader.’ – Aatathi