Student Reflection: Bundoora Sports Centre

Read our Year 6 reflection from our visit to Bundoora sports centre on the on Friday, February 23rd

On Friday, February 23rd, we went to Bundoora sports centre.

We arrived at school early, bouncing up and down excitedly, with smiles on our faces. We rushed inside to put our bags away. All we needed was water. We hopped on the bus, eager to arrive asap.

When we arrived, We were able to play 4 amazing sports! We hit the ball up in volleyball, kicked the ball in the goal in soccer, we hurled dodgeballs at each other, and we bounced the ball all the way to the goal in handball.

Although at the end of the excursion we were tired, it was a fun and exciting experience for us

Year 6s. We are looking forward to our next adventure as the year continues.

By Safaa and Leia