Transition to Prep

Starting school is a very exciting time for not only children, but also for their families.


It is essential that when families are making the decision about which school to send their child, they are fully informed as to make the right choice for each individual child’s needs. Harvest Home Primary School is committed to developing strong educational partnerships with its parent community, so if you are considering HHPS as the school for your child, then it is very important that you take the time to gather all of the necessary information to ensure your are making this right choice for both your child and your family's context. 

Unfortunately, due to current COVID-19 restrictions we are not able to conduct our 'Making the Choice' Information evening which outlines key information about the variety of teaching approaches and learning opportunities that Prep students at Harvest Home Primary School.  With this in mind, please take the time to navigate our school website where you will able to find all of details in relation to educational outcomes at HHPS. 

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